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Reviving The
Lost Art Of


Hair Care



The Razors Edge is not your typical barbershop. Today, men have basically two options when it comes to hair care – an old fashioned barbershop or a unisex salon. Each of these has its drawbacks and both fail to adequately cater to the everyday man. 

Many men seek the additional services offered at unisex salons but these locations continue to have a look and feel that caters to their primary customer – the female segment of the market. This is evident in the services offered, products carried, the magazines and refreshments available in the waiting area, and even the sights, sounds and smells of the establishment.

The Razors Edge is designed to meet the expectations of both those who patronize traditional barbershops, as well as those who currently seek the additional services of a unisex salon.

T H E   R A Z O R S   E D G E

H A I R   C A R E   F O R   M E N

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The Razors Edge is designed with just guys in mind. ​Services are provided in the comfort of your barber chair.

Never again experience The Walk Of Shame.

Receive a complimentary steam towel and shampoo with every hair service, as well as a straight razor neck clean up. Our stylists specialize in the use of straight razors so be sure to ask about all of the straight razor services we have available.

Interested in more than one service? Check out our Packages to see if one of them is right for you.




With Every Hair Service

Designed With Just Guys In Mind
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