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Clubman Pinaud

Special Reserve After Shave Cologne

A unique blend of ingredients to cool and exhilarate. Instantly tones, soothes and refreshes tender skin. A versatile combination of an aftershave and cologne. For the men out there who really want to smell manly, Special Reserve After Shave Cologne has no floral overtones or anything else light. Distinguished in an old-fashioned way. The kind of thing you wear to give off a very masculine aura. It doesn't take much of this product to both tone and refresh your skin after shaving or to just give yourself a more present scent so it lasts for a long time.

Key Ingredients :

Wood / Cedar / Dark Spice / Spicy Patchouli / Cinnamon / Musk

What It Smells Like :

Bold Masculine Scent (Leather Fragrance with Notes of Wood, Cedar, Musk, Dark Spice, Spicy Patchouli and Cinnamon)

Application :

Splash freely all over body after bath or shower as an exhilarating freshener. 

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After Shave Lotion
Special Reserve After Shave Cologne
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