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Voodoo Prince

Beard, Hair & Tattoo Oil

Voodoo Prince Beard, Hair and Tattoo Oil is a signature blend of five oils. Strengthens, protects and smooths your hair while adding polish, shine and style. Keeps hair soft and manageable. Skin is moisturized to prevent stubble. Also a fantastic tattoo treatment to help ink come to life against super-conditioned skin. 

Key Ingredients :

Olive Oil / Argan Oil / Sunflower Oil / Passionflower Oil / Copaiba Balsam Oil / Bergamot / 

Sage / Sandalwood

What It Smells Like :

Notes of Bergamot, Sage and Sandalwood

Application :

For use on your beard and/or hair, apply a few drops to your hand and rub into hair starting at the skin and moving towards the ends. For use on a tattoo, apply a small amount of oil on top of tattoo and surrounding skin in order to moisturize and revitalize your ink.

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Note :  Not All Products Are Available At All Locations. 

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