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Shaving Creme

As protective as it is rich, Shaving Creme will make your beard soft to the touch and ready for a trim. Great for sensitive skin, this shaving cream soothes your skin for a close shave. Made with a light aroma, you can enjoy the scent that comes with a refreshing shave. Enjoy an almost effortless shave without the harshness that soap brings to your skin. Applying without a brush makes the whole ritual even easier. A great pair with Pre-Shave Solution.

Key Ingredients :

Lanolin / Glycerin / Potassium Hydroxide / Fragrance

What It Smells Like :

Cool Minty Scent

Application :

No need to whip. No brush needed. Warm face with warm water or hot towel. Scoop a healthy amount out with your fingers. Massage and work gently into beard. Enjoy your shave. Rinse with cold water to close pores. 

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